Washing windows from 1 590 rubles

Windows are the face of the house. If they are dirty, even daily cleaning will not make the apartment tidy.

Cleaning spaces

How is window cleaning performed?

Window Cleaning

Washing Mirrors
Change Bedding
Stacking Things Up
Wipe the Floor
Dust Cleaning

Window cleaning lasts 2 to 5 hours and includes frames, sills and window sills

• We wash glass without streaks on both sides
• Cleaning up mosquito nets
• My frames
• We wipe the ebb
• My windowsill

Window cleaning prices

Standard windows

from 1 590 rub.

Double-frame windows

from RUB 2,490

Panoramic windows

from 180 rubles / sq.m

The price is indicated excluding the balcony. The price of standard and double-frame windows is calculated based on the area of ​​the apartment. Panoramic windows - by glazing area.

Additional services


RUB 250 / sash

Window grilles

RUB 250 / sash

Blinds cleaning

RUB 250 / sash


RUB 250 / sash

100% safe

We regularly measure t performers. We work in masks


We assign you a permanent performer


We carefully select and train contractors in our cleaning service

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Payment by card, delivery of keys to the office, order management in the application

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    Questions and answers

    High-quality window cleaning in an office or apartment is carried out in several stages:

    • Preparation. We remove everything from the windowsills, assess the degree of pollution and choose detergents.
    • Window sill and frame cleaning. We remove dust, dirt. Elimination of traces of glue, paint, building mixtures, films is included in additional work. Performers pay special attention to cleaning the sealing gum.
    • Glass surface treatment. After cleaning serious dirt, the cleaners perform a wet wash of glass surfaces.
    • We rub the windows to a shine.
    • Wet cleaning of window sills, slopes and low tides.
    • We return all items to their original place.
    • We remove trash after ourselves.

    From the area of ​​the premises and the balance of supply and demand. Having worked for more than 13 years, we have estimated how many windows there are in an apartment depending on its area. Therefore, we do not torment you with finding out how many windows, transoms, etc. you have. You just need to tell the area of ​​the apartment, and we will tell you at once for what price our contractor will wash all the windows. Please note that on days when a lot of customers want to wash their windows, and there are few contractors who are ready to take orders, the price will be higher.

    Professional window cleaning in an apartment or office can be performed at a high altitude, so sometimes it’s just scary.

    Experienced cleaners remove dust and dirt from the entire surface of window structures. No streaks, no fingerprints, no lint or scratches remain on the glasses.

    Performers use exclusively environmentally friendly detergents of the Organic People brand.

    The executors of the cleaning service order take all professional equipment with them. You only need to provide a ladder and a bucket.

    Yes, there is an additional charge for the distance from the Moscow Ring Road. If the road from MKAD to the destination takes from 30 minutes. up to 1.5 hours, the surcharge will be 700 rubles, more than 1.5 hours – 1,400 rubles. The time is calculated automatically, taking into account the involved transport, the presence of traffic jams and the distance.


    For a minimal surcharge, you can order:

    • cleaning the balcony with doors;
    • professional cleaning of blinds and roller shutters;
    • processing of window bars;
    • washing of siding.

    You can combine washing windows and glass structures with general or complex cleaning of the room.