Maintenance cleaning of apartments from 1 690 rubles

To keep the house clean and tidy.

Cleaning spaces

How is maintenance cleaning done?

All house



Washing Mirrors
Change Bedding
Stacking Things Up
Wipe the Floor
Dust Cleaning
Sorting Things
Cleaning the Dishes
Glass Washing
Surface Cleaning
Wipe the Floor
Glass Washing
Mold Treatment
Bath Wash
Surface Cleaning

Cleaning lasts from 2 to 5 hours and contains more than 20 types of work.

• We DO NOT pick up more than 50 items in the room. We would be happy to take care of your collection of ceramic frogs, but then we won’t have time to do anything else =)
• DO NOT remove old dirt, rust, limescale, etc. We DO NOT bring equipment and steam generator.
• We DO NOT remove construction dust, traces of paint and concrete.
• DO NOT carry out work higher than 1.8 m from the floor.

• Dust and wash all surfaces
• We wash and vacuum floors and baseboards
• We remove light impurities: grease, oil
• Removing dust from lamps
• We wash pipes, cornices, photo frames
• My mirrors and glass surfaces
• We take care of leather furniture
• Change bed linen
• My doors and door blocks
• We put things in their places
• Vacuuming upholstered furniture and carpets

• We disinfect work surfaces
• We wash my stove and the wall above it
• We clean and disinfect plumbing fixtures
• We wash the dishes (up to 10 minutes)
• My fridge and hood outside
• Wash the microwave outside and inside
• We take out the trash. We disinfect the basket

• We clean and disinfect plumbing fixtures
• My mirrors and glass surfaces
• My shower and bath
• We clean wall tiles locally


Benefits of regular maintenance

Permanent performer

Cleaning in your absence

15-30% discount on services

Inventory as a gift

100% safe

We regularly measure t performers. We work in masks


We assign you a permanent performer


We carefully select and train contractors in our cleaning service

Convenient service

Payment by card, delivery of keys to the office, order management in the application


Estimated cost of cleaning an apartment

One-room 1 690 rubles

Two-room apartment 2 190 rubles

Three-room 2 640 rubles

Before and after cleaning

"Brownie" in numbers

15 years of experience

600 completed orders

Order Cleaning

    Top performers of June

    Our Clients

    More than 50,000 clients in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod have trusted us with cleanliness and comfort in their homes. We are sincerely glad to everyone! And of course, we are very pleased when famous people and stars of Russia choose us.

    Questions and answers

    Our performer:

    • Removes dust from a variety of surfaces, including floors, baseboards, cabinet fronts, interior details, external appliances.
    • Thoroughly wash door blocks, mirrors, glass surfaces.
    • Cleans windowsills, radiators and pipes.
    • Tidy up the bathroom. Including cleaning the tiles from local contamination.
    • Will carry out disinfection of plumbing using gentle chemicals. Will take care of the complex disinfection of mixers, shower boxes, bathtubs, sinks, toilets and bidets.
    • Cleaning the kitchen. Removes oil stains and traces of grease, wash dishes if necessary.

    After carrying out maintenance cleaning, the performers must change the bed linen and clean up the trash after themselves.


    Vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket. The brownie will bring all the other tools and detergents with him.

    As a rule, people order cleaning weekly: we select an individual schedule. Customers who regularly use our services receive pleasant bonuses. If necessary, you can choose a one-time maintenance cleaning

    The price primarily depends on the size of the premises and on the balance of supply and demand from the contractors. On more demanded days and times, the price will be higher. We recommend that you check the prices for maintenance cleaning in Moscow in our application. For a small additional fee, you can order washing or ironing, washing the inside of the refrigerator and oven.

    Yes, there is an additional charge for the distance from the Moscow Ring Road. If the road from MKAD to the destination takes from 30 minutes. up to 1.5 hours, the surcharge will be 700 rubles, more than 1.5 hours – 1,400 rubles. The time is calculated automatically, taking into account the involved transport, the presence of traffic jams and the distance.