General cleaning of the apartment and premises from 4 990 rubles

Find out the exact price at the time of ordering. No recalculations on the spot.

Cleaning spaces

How is maintenance cleaning done?

All house



Washing Mirrors
Change Bedding
Stacking Things Up
Wipe the Floor
Dust Cleaning
Sorting Things
Cleaning the Dishes
Glass Washing
Surface Cleaning
Wipe the Floor
Glass Washing
Mold Treatment
Bath Wash
Surface Cleaning

It lasts from 6 to 8 hours and contains more than 25 types of work.

• DO NOT wash your windows. Add window cleaning additionally when ordering
• DO NOT dry clean furniture and carpets. These are additional services
• DO NOT remove traces of paint and concrete, construction dust. To do this, you need special tools – order our special Cleaning after renovation

• wash and vacuum floors and baseboards
• we remove complex dirt on all surfaces: limescale, rust, grease, water stone
• wash the furniture outside
• wash the furniture inside, where things are removed from the shelves
• remove dust from walls and ceilings
• we clean hard-to-reach places with a steam generator
• my household and kitchen appliances
• wash all the lamps, including the ceiling
• remove dust from interior items
• my air conditioners and their filters
• wash mirrors and glass surfaces
• washing windowsills, radiators, pipes and cornices
• vacuuming upholstered furniture inside and outside
• we take care of leather furniture
• change bed linen
• wash doors and door blocks

  • my ceiling and walls to full height
  • wash my shower and bath
  • we clean and disinfect plumbing
  • we clean the tile joints

• We clean and disinfect plumbing fixtures
• My mirrors and glass surfaces
• My shower and bath
• We clean wall tiles locally

Before and after cleaning


The approximate cost of general cleaning of the apartment

One-room 4 990 rubles

Two-room 5 990 rubles

Three-room apartment 7 290 rubles

100% safe

We regularly measure t performers. We work in masks


We assign you a permanent performer


We carefully select and train contractors in our cleaning service

Convenient service

Payment by card, delivery of keys to the office, order management in the application

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600 completed orders

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    More than 50,000 clients in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod have trusted us with cleanliness and comfort in their homes. We are sincerely glad to everyone! And of course, we are very pleased when famous people and stars of Russia choose us.

    Questions and answers

    If you haven’t performed a comprehensive cleaning in your home for a long time, then it’s time to turn to professionals for help! They can handle a large amount of work in a few hours. It is worth ordering a general cleaning if you want to put the house in complete order and get rid of dirt even in the most inconspicuous places, starting from the space behind the batteries and ending with the upper shelves of the cabinets. Thanks to the efforts of our “housewives”, the service life of furniture and other interior items is significantly increased.

    Every 3 months, if there are pets in the house – monthly.

    It involves thorough cleaning of all surfaces of the room at any height. Performers carry out cleaning in different rooms:

    • With the help of a vacuum cleaner and a steam generator, they remove dust even in hard-to-reach corners of the apartment.
    • Gently removes dirt from furniture, electronics, chandeliers, glass partitions and mirrors, etc.
    • Disinfect plumbing.
    • They remove traces of fat, process kitchen appliances outside and inside.
    • We wash the tiles and clean the seams in the bathroom.

    For a complete list of General Cleaning, see above on this page. When carrying out the gene. cleaning performers remove rust, limescale and water scale. After completing the work, they take out all the trash behind them.

    Sure! The list of services “Domovyonka” includes not only general cleaning of the apartment: our company is ready to help you with other household chores. Experienced cleaners:

    • They wash windows on both sides and process window sills
    • Cleans blinds and grilles from dirt
    • Washing bed linen and ironing clothes
    • Wash the dishes

    Would you like to entrust our performers with other household chores? We offer you to order a general cleaning with an additional hourly payment for any services. Your orders will be executed in full!

    The exact price of services depends on the number of square meters in the apartment and the presence of additional requirements from the customer. Download our app, enter the address and see prices for different dates and times of day. 


    Our contractors use mostly effective and sustainable Organic People products. For more severe contamination, selected safe but effective products are used.


    If, within 24 hours from the moment of cleaning, you find defects in the work of the performers, then we will help to eliminate them free of charge. You will never have to pay extra!

    In addition, we guarantee full financial responsibility. If any items of your interior are damaged during the general cleaning process, we will perform free repairs or provide 100% compensation.

    Yes, there is an additional charge for the distance from the Moscow Ring Road. It is necessary to compensate the performers for the time on the road, which they could have spent doing other cleaning. The time is calculated automatically, taking into account the involved transport, the presence of traffic jams and the distance.