We provide various cleaning services and offer both one-time cleaning and a permanent form of service.

Everyday cleaning entails taking responsibility for cleaning throughout apartments, offices and summer houses.

Our company creates a working schedule, determines the methods and the amount of staff that will be required for the service, and carry on to cleaning the specific facility accordingly.

When it comes to everyday service, Clean World is responsible for interior cleaning only. Facades may be cleaned according to tentative agreements with the client.

Interior cleaning also includes providing supplies of hygienic products (toilet paper, liquid soap, paper towels and etc.) if the customer requests so.

This field is a one-time service category.

General cleaning, much like everyday cleaning, can be carried out in apartments, summer houses and organizations.

General cleaning includes the cleaning of walls, floors, ceilings, bathrooms and kitchen surfaces.

General cleaning entails surface cleaning – which is removing stains and dust.

When it comes to in-depth cleaning, our company works according to the agreement with the client. The customer may request various sub-services like general cleaning, furniture cleaning, dishwashing, wardrobe cleaning, bookshelves, soft surface furniture, etc.

During a complex cleaning, we analyse and offer recommendations to our customers, and then jointly decide what services are fit to include in the process.

This service includes sending one professional cleaner to the site. The maid will clean the territory for several hours under the supervision of the customer.

This service includes taking out construction wastes and washing floors and ceilings.

During this process all maintenance work must be complete. Construction workers shouldn’t be on the cleaning site. Communal systems – water and power supplies – should be operational.

With this service we remove all waste from the site or building while it is in the maintenance process.

We have several ways of washing facades.

Facades can be cleaned post-maintenance or periodically, according to schedule. There are certain periodical orders by which buildings are usually cleaned.

The service includes focal processing, rubber scraping, professional equipment utilization and window polishing.

A facade may also be cleaned with a water stream using a pressure device or a hose. It is placed on a special machine which filters water, and it leaves no drops or stains after the water dries off.

It’s always wise to assume that simply scraping dirt off glass will cause it to get scratched. This is why we first soften the dirt on the windows or paint in the window frames using special solutions. The aforementioned job subsequently takes longer to complete.

When cleaning soft and solid surface floors, a special solution is poured on the area of the surface. It is then brushed, and afterwards a special device is used to remove dirty water and dry off the floor.

This method is for dirty surfaces that can be cleaned easily.

If there are stains, what we do first of all is shampoo the floor. After removing the dirty water, we moisten the floor a second time, neutralizing the surface with clean water. Stained and just very dirty floors take more time to clean.

Our service also includes thorough chemical cleaning of various soft surfaces.

Bacteria that happen to be on the furniture are pretty dangerous for health and can sometimes cause diseases and allergies, among other things. This is why before the actual cleaning the furniture is processed with special equipment to ensure that the deep-set dirt and dust are removed. This is how we achieve both surface and deep cleaning.

The methods for cleaning furniture are similar to those for floors. The surface is cleaned for dust and the stain types are identified (e.g. wine or oil). The surface is then moistened, brushed, the dirt gets removed and finally the area is neutralized by the water process.

Clean World cleans windows, glass surfaces and various complex constructions. Post-maintenance cleaning is quite specific. Cement-stained glass is soaked and processed with special solutions. Same methods work for window frames, as well.

Clean World owns all the necessary equipment for the chemical cleaning of your car. Our professionals are equipped with necessary modern machines and the highest quality special solutions that deliver a car cleaning job on par with international standards.

This service also includes chemical cleaning of car interiors. The company thoroughly cleans them with special solutions and equipment.

Since our company is the field leader, the capacity to respond to any kind of request from our customers is of utmost importance. That is why we also include services that are carried out using organic cleaning solutions and steam generators. These types of cleaning methods are recommended for people with allergies, since the odor of solutions can be uncomfortable for them. We also use organic solutions for stuffed toys, child bedrooms and bed mattresses.

People parenting children and toddlers often use this service to clean their vehicles, as well.

Thousands of harmful bacteria can be accumulated on bed mattresses, posing a threat to your health. We offer professional cleaning methods in cases like these using modern technology and cleaning items.