Aquarium Cleaning

If you have decided to make your family happier by bringing in fish but then hesitated when you thought of all the hurdles in taking care of them, we are here to help.

We have a sizable experience in caring for fish tanks, aquariums, and the fish themselves along with water plants.

We offer both one-time and contractual services for caring for your fish.


  1. Cleaning filters, the ground, inner decorations and water plants. We will also change the water and remove scurf stuck to the walls of the aquarium.
  2. Testing the tap and aquarium water for general or carbonate rigidity.
  3. We will offer our recommendations regarding the care for the aquarium and the feeding of all creatures living inside.
  4. We will also determine causes for any fish disease, provide necessary medications and work out a treatment course.


  1. Caring for the aquarium every week – changing the water, cleaning the glass walls and filters, examining the fish and water plants.
  2. Providing fresh and dry food, pre-packaging daily meals and consulting about feeding if necessary.
  3. Testing the water, cleaning the fish tank ground and periodically providing an overall cleaning of the aquarium.
  4. Treatment for ill fish and handling for the dead ones.
  5. Changing of devices or other accessories if damaged.
  6. Caring for water plants, providing optimal light conditions and changing out dead ones.
  7. If your fish are ill, a specialist will monitor the aquarium for 24 hours.

*When it comes to the contractual package, it is very important to prepare an individual offer that includes all of the client’s requirements.