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We carefully select and train contractors in our cleaning service


We assign you a permanent performer

100% safe

We regularly measure t performers. We work in masks

Convenient service

Payment by card, delivery of keys to the office, order management in the application

15 years of experience

600 completed orders

Professional chemistry and technology

Benefits of regular maintenance

Permanent performer

Cleaning in your absence

15-30% discount on services

Inventory as a gift

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    More than 50,000 clients in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod have trusted us with cleanliness and comfort in their homes. We are sincerely glad to everyone! And of course, we are very pleased when famous people and stars of Russia choose us.

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    Questions and answers

    Yes. You can order a regular cleaning schedule once a week or once every 2 weeks. Since it is easier to maintain cleanliness than it is to direct it, with a weekly service it will be much cheaper for a housewife to clean your house. Usually, we fix a certain day of the week and the time at which our performer will come to you, but we can also develop an individual schedule.

    For big lovers of cleanliness, our cleaning service can assign you a contractor to provide cleaning services on a daily basis.

    Yes, you can order cleaning only once, without a subscription. We have a large database of professional cleaners. They can easily cope with any living space: apartment, house, cottage or office.

    If in the process of providing cleaning services by the contractor any items of your interior are damaged, Domovyonok will perform free repairs or provide 100% compensation.

    Yes. This is the advantage of working with our cleaning service. When servicing on schedule, you will have a regular cleaner who knows where the ironing shirts hang and how the bathroom rug should lie. Performers have been cooperating with our service longer than with other services, so they will change with you much less often.

    Each performer is selected:

    1. Selection for personal and professional qualities;
    2. Video instruction and verification of the learned material;
    3. Testing skills in practice in a specially built model of an apartment, which has all the standard surfaces and complex pollution.
    4. The contractor travels to cleaning orders in a team of experienced housewives and undergoes one more instruction.
    5. After passing all the stages, the performer begins to wear the proud title of Brownie.

    Yes, our performers also clean commercial, industrial and retail premises. The Domovenok service is unique in its kind. The experience of providing services in offices helps the performers to clean complex living objects with ease, and the experience of cleaning in apartments helps to treat the office as if it were their home.

    • Washing windows and facades
    • Washing and ironing
    • Cleaning services after renovation
    • Surface treatment
    • Dry cleaning of carpets and furniture
    • Housekeeper from “Brownie”

    • From the area of the house or office – the cost of private cleaning of an apartment or office space depends on the number of rooms and their size. The larger the scope of work for the brownie, the higher the prices for the provision of cleaning services.
    • From what kind of work you order. General cleaning of apartments in Moscow , St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod is carried out professionally and efficiently, but it is more expensive than maintenance, additional work (for example, a master’s visit to the house, glass washing, dry cleaning) is paid separately.
    • From the working conditions of the housewife – the prices for cleaning the house depend on the availability of furniture and building materials on the area to be cleaned, access to cold and hot water, the possibility or impossibility of restricting access to the rooms of unauthorized persons.

    Yes, there is an additional charge for the distance from the Moscow Ring Road, because the contractor should be interested in spending time on the road, which he could spend on another cleaning. If the road from MKAD to the destination takes from 30 minutes. up to 1.5 hours, the surcharge will be 700 rubles, more than 1.5 hours – 1,400 rubles.