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დამხმარე დიასახლისი


We provide various cleaning services and offer both one-time cleaning and a permanent form of service.

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სანიტარული მომსახურება

Sanitary service

Our sanitary services include the following: Disinfection, Desinsection and Deratisation

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ტექნიკური მომსახურება

Technical Services

With these services, our company is taking gull responsibility for the functioning of all systems on the unit.

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რბილი ავეჯის ქიმიური წმენდა

Chemical cleaning of soft surface furniture

The methods for cleaning furniture are similar to those for floors. The surface is cleaned for dust and the stain types are identified.

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მსუბუქი ავტომობილების, ჯიპების ქიმიური წმენდა

Chemical cleaning of cars (sedans, SUVs)

Clean World owns all the necessary equipment for the chemical cleaning of your car.

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აკვარიუმების წმენდა

Aquarium Cleaning

If you have decided to make your family happier by bringing in fish but then hesitated when you thought of all the hurdles in taking care of them, we are here to help.

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