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Buy a Clean World franchise and start your business easily!

Starting everything from a scratch may be related with lots of unforeseen expenses. Clean World offers you to start your own business right now ! This is your opportunity!

Use our 10 – year experience for your own business!!

Clean World is a professional cleaning company, which is offering to share it’s experience in cleaning services with interested companies and individuals.

You can:

  • Start new or improve already existing business with the help of Georgia’s most reputable cleaning company’s brand.
  • Own your business and avoid risks associated with starting everything from the beginning.
  • Have the company’s name and support, which is the most recognizable and reliable for customers.
  • After uniting under Clean World’s brand you will get some material and intangible benefits, which includes:
    • Centralized purchases
    • Supply
    • Sales
    • A variety of privileges and bonuses
  • ISO certified management
  • A variety of advertising and public relations services
  • Inclusion in variety of events
  • Getting costumer’s trust and preferences

This will allow you to grow your business and income rapidly.

  • You will get consultations about business administration, management, structure, conferring and assigning functions to employees, service income and expenditures, drawing an estimate and other key issues.

We can give you an orientation:

  • Use Clean World’s professional experience;
  • Learn every aspect of cleaning with the help of our program, which includes using equipement, chemicals and other tools properly;
  • Prepare and upgrade your employee’s qualification through the company’s training center.
  • Get consultation about technical tools and devices necessary for service.
  • Receive operative assistance whenever you are faced with an unfamiliar surface to clean. We will send a specialist to assist you.

As a Clean World’s franchise owner you will:

  • Always have an access to Clean World’s news;
  • Be able to use Clean World’s human resource base;
  • Set up your business with trustworthy employees;
  • Have your personal consultant, who will always help you and provede you with a necessary information;
  • You won’t have to spend time on above mentioned details. You will be able to get involved directly in the service process and think about it’s development;
  • Finally, get our friend and partner organization!

Information about cleaning business:

Cleaning business in Georgia started about 10-12 years ago. Our company is one of the pioneers, which contributed in taking interest for cleaning services among wide audiences of potential costumers with the help of our high standards. This led to an increase in the demand for cleaning services. For instance, during 2011-2014 years, average number of cleaning service tenders in our country is 200. Demand from commercial sectors and private individuals for cleaning services is increasing every year.
Experts agree, that cleaning business and related industries are virtually “recession proof”. Despite economic swings, cleaning is an urgent inevitability for everyone.

If you are interested and want to know more, please, fill in all required fields in the form and send information about yourself. Wish you good luck!

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