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Our up-to-date, modern equipment is tailored to fit every customer’s needs. Clean World mostly uses products from world-famous brands like Karcher, Truvox International and Kirby.

Karcher cleaning equipment:

A high-speed, single-disc cleaning machine used for cleaning and polishing floors with solid surfaces and for dry cleaning carpets. The machine makes almost no noise, so it can be used at hotels, schools and medical facilities. It is quite convenient to use, with a flexible operating handle sporting a height regulator.

A small polishing machine yielding great results. Its compact size makes the device ideal for cleaning spaces under furniture. The machine is recommended for use on solid surfaces and wooden floors, as well. It is very easy to operate and gives a fantastic sheen to the floors.

A single-disc machine, uniquely suited for solid surface floors, giving them a great appearance. It is perfect for cleaning and polishing solid surfaces, as well as drying clean textile surface floors.

This machine carefully and thoroughly cleans any types of solid surface floors. It is easy to carry around, and features basic cleaning and vacuuming functions you would find in a standard vacuum cleaner. This multifunctional device cleans floors, absorbs water and can be used for wet cleaning. This variety of applications makes it possible to use the machine for very different kinds of cleanings. The cleaning brush of the device can be easily used for spaces under furniture, as well, and it is overall very simple to operate.

A convenient and reliable floor cleaner with an absorbing function. It is equipped with different brush covers which provide effortless, mechanized linoleum cleaning. After the appearance of this machine, manual cleaning, which required a lot of effort and needless expenses, became a thing of the past. Two specific types of brushes improve polishing and do a great job at dividing wax on the surface, giving it more sheen. A polished floor is not just a visual treat; the wax additionally protects the surface from dampness, dirt and cracks.

Single-disc machine, used for cleaning floors and doors. NO vacuuming function, works for polishing and cleaning carpets with special solutions. You can take care of any solid-surface floors with this device. It can be used on horizontal or on vertical surfaces.

A manual sweeping machine for small squares which provides fast and high-quality cleaning. Can be used for cleaning storage rooms, exits and small squares.

Used for sweeping pavements and roads. Faster than the regular broom. The Dust is collected in a sack that is attached to the machine, and its handle can be regulated according to the height of the user. It also easily folds for convenient storage.

A vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning. It is very convenient and easy to maneuver, and its semi-automatic filter enables it to function at maximum work-speed at all times.

A compact yet strong professional vacuum cleaner. Its round, spherical shape makes it very convenient to use. The main stationary filter is easy to remove and attach back on. It’s an easy machine to keep clean because of its nylon texture.

Is designed for professional cleaning. Despite its power, it is not particularly loud – making it ideal for use in hotels and health facilities. Its long chord allows it to be moved around at large distances from the power outlet.

Is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It is perfect for use around your car and its parking space. It is simple to open and close and quite easy to use, as well.

Is a professional pressure washer. On top of being very compact, it is also quite durable and easy to use. All the necessary accessories can be kept in a special compartment. The device has a pressure and water regulator, and a mobile aluminium handle makes the device and its accessories easy to move around.

Truvox International cleaning equipment:

A multi-purpose, quick and effective floor cleaning machine that washes, mops, scrubs and dries on both hard and soft floor surfaces in a single pass.

A self-contained carpet extractor that cleans in a single pass and leaves carpets almost dry

Pulls drier, warmer air from above, driving it down and out across the entire surface of the carpet, speeding up the drying process.

A lightweight and powerful carpet dryer with a compact design that significantly reduces the drying time of carpets, walls and ceilings.

A light and compact spry extractor for carpets and upholstery.

An industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a robust construction.

The Valet BackPack II is ideal for demanding environments like theatres, cinemas, buses, and trains, as it offers radically improved productivity, ease of use and overall user comfort.

Kirby cleaning equipment:

Kirby Sentria– a multifunctional vacuum cleaner that features about 40 different functions.

Main features:

  • Removes dirt and stains from carpets and soft furniture surfaces.
  • Cleans dust and dust ticks out of furniture and mattresses.
  • Is capable of dry and wet surface cleaning using special shampoo.

Kirby Sentria can be used for dry cleaning of furniture and cars.

With a special addition, it can also clean hardwood floors, along with linoleum and laminate flooring, giving them a nice sheen.