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About The Company

We live up to our name, offering the highest quality of service. Clean World has been providing services for over 700 governmental and non-governmental organizations since 2005.

Demand on professional cleaning services is growing at a rapid rate nowadays. Modern architecture styles with various glass constructions and an abundance of bright colors require specific cleaning methods. Our company accommodates these methods without a problem.

We satisfy individual needs for each of our clients, and the quality of our work defines the unconstrained leadership that our company holds in its field.

That is why Clean World was named the field leader by the Business Ratings National Association in 2015.

Each costumer is assigned a separate manager who controls the quality of services provided. Based on this field, Clean World owns the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) Certificate (the certificate was issued by a member of the IQNet organization).

IQNet is one of the most successful international certifying networks in the world. It helps its clients to improve and perfect their services so that member organizations become their respective field leaders.

IQNet unites more than 200 companies around the world.

In an environment where time is the most expensive currency, the optimization of expenses and time management is a very important conservation of resources for our clients.

We give you the opportunity to facilitate maximum comfort.

Live in the Clean World with us!

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