Cleaning after renovation from 6 990 rubles

Cleaning after renovation is needed ... after renovation in an apartment or cottage!

Cleaning spaces

How is cleaning done after renovation?

All house



Washing Mirrors
Change Bedding
Stacking Things Up
Wipe the Floor
Dust Cleaning
Sorting Things
Cleaning the Dishes
Glass Washing
Surface Cleaning
Wipe the Floor
Glass Washing
Mold Treatment
Bath Wash
Surface Cleaning

Cleaning after renovation lasts from 6 to 8 hours and contains more than 45 types of work.

  • DO NOT wash your windows. Add window cleaning additionally when ordering
  • DO NOT dry clean furniture and carpets. These are additional services
  • we remove trash, change disposable bags, wash baskets
  • remove dust from walls and ceilings
  • we remove complex dirt on all surfaces: limescale, rust, grease, water stone
  • wash and vacuum floors and baseboards
  • wash doors and door blocks
  • washing windowsills, radiators, pipes and cornices
  • we clean mirrors and glass surfaces
  • wash all the lamps, except for crystal products
  • wash furniture outside and inside (the shelves must be empty)
  • we vacuum the inner and outer surfaces of upholstered furniture
  • we process leather furniture with professional cleaning compounds
  • remove dust from interior items
  • my household and kitchen appliances
  • my air conditioners and their filters
  • we clean hard-to-reach places with a steam generator
  • we wash away traces of cement, glue, paint and tape
  • we remove dust from construction work
  • we clean the premises from small construction waste and debris
  • change bed linen
  • washing the facade of kitchen furniture, removing greasy marks
  • my kitchen set inside (drawers must be empty)
  • we clean the kitchen “apron”
  • my hood with removal of used filters
  • wash the stove and microwave outside and inside
  • wash the refrigerator outside and inside
  • we clean and disinfect plumbing
  • wash the dishes (10 minutes)
  • my ceiling and walls to full height
  • wash bath, jacuzzi and shower
  • wash the sink, toilet, bidet and faucets, followed by disinfection
  • we clean the tile joints from grout (exception – two-component grout)


The approximate cost of cleaning an apartment

One-room 6 990 rubles

Two-room apartment 8 290 rubles

Three-room 9 490 rubles

100% safe

We regularly measure t performers. We work in masks


We assign you a permanent performer


We carefully select and train contractors in our cleaning service

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Payment by card, delivery of keys to the office, order management in the application

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    More than 50,000 clients in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod have trusted us with cleanliness and comfort in their homes. We are sincerely glad to everyone! And of course, we are very pleased when famous people and stars of Russia choose us.

    Questions and answers

    Firstly, you will once and for all forget about the unpleasant consequences of any repairs and will be able to immediately move into the apartment. The accumulation of dust on the walls, traces of paint on the windowsills, the remains of adhesive tape on the floor and unsightly stains on the windows – a comprehensive cleaning of premises after renovation or construction will quickly save you from these problems.

    Secondly, we carry out the work as accurately as possible. Attempts to independently remove dirt from various surfaces can damage new finishing materials. With Domovyonk, post-construction cleaning takes place without risks: the cleaners accurately select detergents for specific types of coatings.

    The Domovenok company values ​​the trust and respect of each customer, so you can rest assured of our decency and responsibility. We eliminate free of charge any deficiencies identified by the client within 24 hours after the cleaning. Worried about the safety of your property? Post-construction cleaning assumes 100% material responsibility for our cleaning service. If the contractor damages any item, we are guaranteed to provide you with monetary compensation or we will perform a free repair as soon as possible.

    This is, in fact, an extended general cleaning with certain specifics. “Domovyata” not only remove complex dirt and dust to the entire height, but also:

    • eliminate the remains of paints and varnishes, lime, scotch tape;
    • wash glass and mirror surfaces without streaks;
    • rub the floor coverings to a shine;
    • carry out a thorough disinfection of plumbing;
    • collect and remove construction waste.

    Cleaning of offices after renovation is carried out according to the same scheme as cleaning in apartments and cottages. The result of our efforts is a cozy and clean room filled with light as much as possible!

    When ordering cleaning after renovating an apartment or a cottage, you shouldn’t worry about it: the cleaners will bring all the necessary equipment and household chemicals with them. Specialists use industrial vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, steam generators, stepladders, glass scrapers and mirrors and other irreplaceable accessories. We give preference to environmentally friendly and natural household chemicals Organic People, as they brilliantly cope with the tasks set and do not harm human health and well-being.


    It is difficult to predict the exact duration of cleaning, but usually our performers perform all the declared work within 6-8 hours. In any case, even cleaning the cottage after renovation does not take several days. For large rooms, teams of up to 10 performers are formed. Right now you can contact our manager and order cleaning after repair at a convenient time for you. “Domovyata” diligently work both on weekdays and on weekends.


    The main mission of “Brownie” is to make your life more pleasant and comfortable. You don’t have to be at home or in the office while the cleaners clean up after the renovation. Give us the key to the premises and devote the free hours to your favorite business or long-awaited relaxation! Responsible assistants will do an excellent job even without close supervision. Returning home or to the office, you will appreciate the flawless result.


    We know how important it is for the client not only high-quality, but also inexpensive cleaning of the house after renovation: we strive to make the service as accessible as possible for every person. The following factors affect the cost of cleaning:

    • the exact area of ​​the room;
    • the presence of furniture at the facility (if it is absent, the cost of cleaning will decrease);
    • additional requirements and wishes of the customer;
    • the ratio of the number of performers ready to accept an order and the number of orders.

    Yes, if necessary, you can order additional services from us. Most often, clients ask us not only to clean after repairs, but also to pay attention to washing windows and sills. For a small surcharge, performers can remove dirt from the surface of the blinds, tidy up the balcony with shutters, and clean the gratings. Do you want to entrust small household tasks to our cleaners? Order dishwashing, laundry and ironing. For more information on our rates, please contact our consultant by phone.


    Yes, there is an additional charge for the distance from the Moscow Ring Road. If the road from MKAD to the destination takes from 30 minutes. up to 1.5 hours, the surcharge will be 700 rubles, more than 1.5 hours – 1,400 rubles. The time is calculated automatically, taking into account the involved transport, the presence of traffic jams and the distance.